What's Missing From The IE Developer Center

One of the tasks that I'm currently working on is updating the IE Developer Center.  It has lots of great information in there, but I have a hard time trying to find any of the stuff I need, so I don't find it to be as useful as I'd like.  One of the first steps in trying to redesign it is to do a site audit, find out what's in there, what is out of date, what is current, or what is current, but looks out of date.

If I'm like most developers, if I see content that talks about IE6, I automatically think that it doesn't apply to IE7, or even worse, if I see something referencing IE5.5, I would guess it doesn't apply to IE7.  Well, because of some of the hard work we've put around backwards compatibility, it is still relevant, and so we need to flag that, and make it clear that it is still relevant to developers.

So what do you want to see on the IE Dev Center?  What would be useful to you as a web developer, as a web designer, AddOn developer and any other type of web person who I'm missing?