PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP3 released

Finally made it out the door! For the AddIn I have a couple notes: Besides the usual rollup of hotfixes (bug fixes) there is a new feature: Line Item Details (LIDs). This was supported by the server but not on the client side, and now it is! We did our best to get some data entry accelerators for LIDs based on feedback from those customers who needed LIDs.

For performance of the AddIn not too much changed, although on scenarios involving large submissions (10s of thousands of cells in the change list at a time) there were some improvements to reduce the size of the submission which yields a faster submission. Also the memory consumption is reduced during this step so fewer contributors should have problems making large submissions. On moderate and small sized submissions I think there is no change, although its possible for tiny submissions the extra process of shrinking the change list may add a little bit of overhead, but should not be noticeable.

For outside the AddIn I think the biggest changes are related to how security can be configured with PPSCmd, and the calendar maximum limit has been increased. The Monitoring and Analytics SP3 was also released, and if you missed it ProClarity’s latest SP was also released….