80090308 "The token supplied to the function is not valid"


The customer was getting the above error when clicking on Public Folders in Exchange System Manager.  He was also getting the following error when running the Add Distribution Group wizard and selecting to create an "archive public folder":


Add Distribution Group Wizard
The wizard could not successfully configure this group. The following could not be completed:


- The Exchange public folder could not be created.


Do you want to keep this group?
Yes   No  


This article was followed without success.  What we did to resolve it was to remove a value in Active Directory using ADSIEdit.  We had to install the Windows 2003 Support Tools to get access to ADSIEdit.  With the SBS 2003 media, the support tools are located in cd2\support\tools\suptools.msi.  The attribute is msExchSecureBindings.  The value is :443:. 



Configuration >

    Services >

        Microsoft Exchange >

            Domain Name >

                Administrative Groups >

                    First Administrative Group >

                        Servers >

                            Servername >

                                Protocols >

                                    HTTP >

                                          1 >


We right clicked on Exadmin and clicked Properties.  We scrolled down until we found msExchSecureBindings and clicked Edit.  By default, the value was/is :443: - we clicked to highlight :443: and clicked Remove.  It then showed <Not Set> for msExchSecureBindings.  We then restarted the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant and then restarted the IISAdmin service. 


For all you (us) geeks, here is the full "distinguishedName":  CN=Exadmin,CN=1,CN=HTTP,CN=Protocols,CN=SERVER,CN=Servers,CN=first administrative group,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=COMPANY,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=company,DC=local


The root cause is because the certificate that was installed in IIS did not contain the "servername" in the "subject" field (you have to view the certificate and click the details tab to see this field).

Other errors per this article are:

The SSL certificate server name is incorrect.
ID no: c103b404
Exchange System Manager

The connection was aborted. Ensure that the settings on your default Web site are correct and refresh the Public Folder Tree
ID no: c103b402
Exchange System Manager


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