David Chou Shares How To Run Java With GlassFish in Windows Azure

GlassFishLogoMost of the developer talk around Windows Azure seems to be focused on .NET-based applications.  However, Azure is open to running all sorts of different application platforms. On the Connected Show, Dmitry and I have dedicated quite a bit of air time to running PHP within Azure.  Last year, we had an interview with the folks at Dominos Pizza who ran their Java Tomcat-based solution in Azure.

At PDC10 in November 2010, Microsoft re-confirmed its support for making Java first-class citizen in Windows Azure.  You can catch up on all the Java/Azure stuff at the Microsoft Interoperability Bridges site.  However, I just came across a new post from David Chou that I thought was worth sharing here.  David updates folks on the status of being able to run Java with GlassFish in Azure (it’s doable!), and then walks the reader through key steps of how to set it up, with links to more details instructions elsewhere.  Definitely worth the read and bookmark for reference!


David Chou is a technical architect at Microsoft. His focus is on collaborating with enterprises and organizations in such areas as cloud computing, SOA, Web, distributed systems, and security. His involvement supports decision makers in helping them to define the appropriate evolutionary strategies in their architecture development. Drawing from his extensive experience at previously held positions with Sun Microsystems and Accenture, David enjoys helping his clients and customers create value by using objective and pragmatic approaches to create definitive IT strategies, roadmaps, and solution architectures.