David Pallmann Takes a Fresh Look at the Windows Azure Development Experience

david.pallmannAs you may or may not know by now, in December 2011, a slew of new Windows Azure features, services, & tools came online. This included a complete overhaul of the WindowsAzure.com website.  If you’re a developer who has not looked at Windows Azure before, the end-to-end experience of developing an application for the platform has improved greatly.

Via Twitter, I came across a great blog post from David Pallmann, author of The Windows Azure Handbook.  You can find David’s post here:

Taking a Fresh Look at the Windows Azure Development Experience

This is a lengthy post that you’ll likely want to have bookmarked for reference.  In the post, David takes walks you through the entire experience from A to Z in developing an application for Windows Azure.  Along the way, he hits most of the core services available, including compute, storage, SQL Azure, and the Service Bus.

I found this post easy to follow with good code snippets and samples as you go.  Check it out, and remember you can play along at home by trying Pallmann’s steps out on your own Windows Azure 90-day free trial account!