IE8: The Curtain is Slowly Being Unveiled

Acid2 FaceOkay... I know it's definitely slower than most folks would like it to be, but the curtain is slowly being pulled back to unveil the details on Internet Explorer 8.  About two weeks ago, "IE8" was revealed as the actual name of the next version.  No big surprises there.   But yesterday, the IE team revealed what will probably come as a surprise to most web developers out there:  IE 8 has passed the Acid 2 standards test!

For more details, see this post up on the IE team's blog.

Also, it sounds like the Mix 08 conference in Vegas will be the big coming out party for IE8.  If that's true, it can't come soon enough.  Have no fear though, March is only 3 short months away and will be here before we all know it.