January devCouncils - NJ and NY

Thanks to everyone who attended the devCouncil events in NJ & NY this month.  This was the third 'set' of devCouncil meetings to take place, since we kicked the program off.  This month focused on web development, specifically ASP.NET and the new Microsoft AJAX Library.  We'll be taking February off, but I plan on scheduling the next set of devCouncils for March.

You can find the presentation slides for the ASP.NET session here and the ASP.NET AJAX session here.  Check out my next post for a whole slew of ASP.NET links that should make a handy-dandy reference to keep around.

For ASP.NET AJAX, you can download the RC1 bits, as well as the sample application I referenced here.  Keep in mind, I anticipate that the final 1.0 release bits will be hitting very soon... in the next week or two.