Joomla Day NYC 2011 Re-Cap


JoomlaDayNYC2011ProgramGuideCover - CopyJoomla! Day NYC 2011 was hosted in the Microsoft NYC office over the weekend of October 21st through October 23rd. A Joomla!Day is a local, regional or national gathering of the Joomla! community. It is like a “code camp” for those interested in learning about, or contributing to, Joomla!. The New York event was one of a few hosted in larger cities around the world. 

Joomla! Day NYC has grown from a single day event to a 3-day event attracting project leaders and community members from around the world. At this event, attendees traveled from as far as Columbia and Germany!

What was Microsoft doing hosting a major Joomla! community event?!

IMG_4341 - CopyAs I’ve covered before here on this blog, Microsoft has been investing efforts in running PHP on Windows.  Those efforts go beyond PHP itself and include some of the popular apps, like Joomla!, that run on it.  Joomla! is often run on a LAMP stack with a Linux server underneath.

Not everyone is aware that Joomla! runs great on Windows. By participating in the Joomla! community, Microsoft hopes to spread awareness that Joomla works great when used together with Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server.

This was the second year I’ve participated in Joomla Day NYC. The event was a great time. I enjoyed meeting new folks in the Joomla! community, as well as catching up with ones I’ve met in the past.  The event organizers did a fantastic job organizing a wonderful conference.

Each day of the event had a separate focus which I would summarize as: Joomla Futures, Joomla Users, and Joomla Developers

DSC_9241-292-800-600-80Virtually the entire event was streamed live online via UStream, and then made available as recordings afterwards thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers.

Joomla Day Event Photos:

On day 2, I delivered a talk called Microsoft + Joomla!: Tips & Tools You Can Use.  In my session, I covered how you can quickly create a Joomla! site on Windows using WebMatrix, edit it, do some search engine optimization, and then publish it to a web server.  I also covered some other useful tools that can be used with Joomla! sites such as Window Live Writer and Expression Super Preview.

DSC_9272-317-800-600-80Below are my session slides on Skydrive:

IMG_4339You can view the recording of my session on UStream (skip to 55:20 for my talk):

img_P1070209-413-800-600-80Here are links to the technologies I covered in my session:

The room seemed to very much enjoy my message in support of getting the world off of IE6 and onto IE9 (as seen on the right).

I look forward to seeing future collaboration between Microsoft and the Joomla! community!