Microsoft Web Platform Firestarter Series

MSWebPILogo Firestarter events have been growing quite popular over the past year or two. These are all free training events that focus on a single topic from intro to 300-level in a day. Feedback from past Firestarter attendees have been universally positive.  Here in the tri-state area we’ve seen multiple Firestarter events on Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, Agile Programming, and WCF.  Just last week, I announced that there will be Firestarters on Windows Phone 7 (9/7) and the Entity Framework (9/27) coming to NYC.

It should be no surprise that given the popularity of these events, the folks here at Microsoft have been busy working on helping create more of them!  Today, I’m happy to announce a new series of Firestarters on the Microsoft Web Platform!  These will be running from late September to December in cities up and down the east coast of the US.  There will be local stops in Iselin, NJ (9/30) and NYC (10/26)!

ASPNETFirestarterNYCCome on out to learn about the latest in web development on the Microsoft platform.  We’ll take you on a tour of ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC, explore the new WebMatrix, as well as show you techniques for creating effective web applications with CSS, jQuery, and AJAX.

The Agenda

To the Web with ASP.NET 4 Web Forms

The tried-and-true approach for creating effective and robust websites, ASP.NET 4 Web Forms offers powerful abstractions and rapid application development features. Add in recent advances in ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 and you’ll be crafting amazing sites in no time.

Looking at ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) is a relatively new option, offering a variety of potential benefits such as separation of concerns, flexibility, control, and testability. In this session, you’ll learn the essentials, along with the latest advances, so you can get started right away.

The Web Platform Smorgasbord (Lunch included!)

Grab a bite to eat and join us for this relaxed but rapid-fire lunchtime look at a variety of web topics, including tools and tech that you’ll surely find appetizing.

Introducing WebMatrix

WebMatrix is a new option that provides a simple but powerful way to create web applications. You can create sites based on existing open-source applications, or dive right in and create from scratch. From code and testing to data and deployment, we’ll introduce WebMatrix and show you how it can make your life easier.

Evaluating Your Web Options

You’re up to speed with the latest in ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, and WebMatrix, but you may be wondering how and when to choose between them. The great news is you don’t always have to choose just one. In this session we’ll talk about factors to consider, options for adoption/migration, and ways to combine ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC in the same web application.

Creating Effective Websites with ASP.NET

Knowing how to create websites with ASP.NET is important, but making them effective is the key. This final session dives into additional options and techniques that apply to both Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC applications. From scripting with jQuery and AJAX, design with CSS, markup and validation techniques, and tools for testing, you’ll learn how to set your sites (and skills) apart from the rest.

Registration & Details

Use the links below to register for the Microsoft Web Platform Firestarter in the city closest to you.

City Date Link
Iselin, NJ 9/30 Registration
New York, NY 10/26 Registration
Farmington, CT 11/2 Registration
Waltham, MA 11/4 Registration
Chevy Chase, MD 11/9 Registration
Malvern, PA 11/16 Registration
Tampa, FL 11/30 Registration
Orlando, FL 12/2 Registration
Atlanta, GA 12/9 Registration
Raleigh, NC 12/10 Registration

More Firestarters?

Be on the look out soon for information regarding a series of Windows Azure Firestarters coming soon in November & December!