N3UG Birds Of a Feather Q&A

Last night, when I showed up at the Northern Jersey UG, it turned out that the featured speaker wasn’t able to make it.  It was virtually a full house at Set Focus (home of the N3UG).  By the time I got there after fighting the Jersey traffic, I found Miguel Castro leading the group in an ad-hoc ‘Birds of a feather’ Q&A discussion.  I pitched in to help with some answers. 


The topics covered were all over the map, ranging from

o How to be a Code Camp/User Group speaker

o .NET 1.1 to 2.0 migration

o Windows Live features and futures

o Using Virtual PC and Virtual Server

o VSTO for Office 2007

o Lotus Notes/.NET interop

o Sharing session state between ASP & ASP.NET applications (and why you DON’T want to do this!)

o User Account Protection in Vista


I am going to post a bunch of links that follow up on some of the topics discussed as separate posts.  I was going to do it as one large post, but then thought it might be easier to have separate posts so that I can continue to reference them in the future since a lot of these are FAQs that I keep getting.


Thanks to everyone who showed up!  It was a really great discussion, and I look forward to listening to your feedback on how we can help improve our .NET developer community.


[Update] As I post the items that sprung from the BOF discussion, I'll update this post with links to each one.