Documentation for the AjaxControlToolkit

Ready for some documentation for the ATK controls ?
To skip my journey to create this , download the Documentation ( in CHM form) here : AjaxControlToolkit Docs

Step 1 : Using AjaxDoc to generate the file required by Sandcastle

   1.0) Download AjaxDoc here .
   1.1) Download the Latest Source for the AjaxControlToolkit , here
   1.2) Get the Script Files from the AjaxControlToolkit project .
   1.3) Create the AjaxControlToolkit.project.xml for AjaxDoc which has script references to the ATK Scripts.
   1.4) Run the Default.aspx page

Hurdle 1 : DynamicPopulateBehavior.js just refused to load. 
Added this line to ln 150 of ScriptDoc.js file to skip types which throw errors.

  if(member ===null || typeof(member)==="undefined") continue; 

  1.5) Run the Default.aspx page again

Hurdle 2:  “PopupBehavior is undefined”.

1.6) Re-arranged the script references in the Project.xml file to order the script files according to their dependencies.

1.7) Run the Default.aspx page again .

Step 2 : Use SandCastle to produce the CHM File

Follow the Steps 5-12 defined here : Creating a Chm build using Sandcastle

Whichever Transform you use (Vs2005/Prototype) , in step 8, remove these lines in the sandcastle.config file. 

 <language label="VisualBasic" name="VisualBasic" style="vb" />
<language label="CSharp" name="CSharp" style="cs" />
<language label="ManagedCPlusPlus" name="ManagedCPlusPlus" style="cpp" />
<!--<language label="JSharp" name="JSharp" style="cs" />
<language label="JScript" name="JScript" style="cs" />-->

There you go !

The CHM is not perfect , 

  1. The documentation is missing for the following components

    1. AnimationExtender
    2. RichTextEditor
    3. MultiHandleSlider
  2. The Code Comments are missing from the CHM file

  3. Insert gripe here

I'll probably take a look at this again to see if I can generate a CHM which has the missing parts.

And finally , while Its not everything , its not nothing either :)


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