Happy Birthday to Me !!!

Hello all ,

Today I grow a year older ,  I am now all of 26 !!!

As return gifts  to everyone, I am giving out a demo application that encompasses most of my knowledge about the AjaxControlToolkit Animation Extender.

Here is a list of the Animations that are demo'd .

Basic Animations

  • Fade
  • ReSize
  • Length
  • Color
  • Pulse
  • Discrete
  • Scale
  • Move
  • Case
  • Condition
  • Sequence
  • Parallel


  • Enable Action
  • Script Action
  • Hide Action
  • Opacity Action
  • Style Action


  • Scripting Animations
  • Client-Side DataBinding
  • Experiment #1
  • Experiment #2 ( Plot a Path and Follow it )
  • Reuse AnimationExtender


  • OnLoad
  • OnHoverOver/Out


Some Screenshots

The Main Menu



In each demo of each animation type , you get :

  1.   a Demo of the animation


2.  The Source Code for implementing the animation


3.  Reference towards further explanation of the animation type


How do I download this ?

Click here :

What do I need to be pre-installed ?

The ASP.NET Ajax Extensions

IIS Web Server

How do I set this up ?

Follow the steps mentioned here : Instructions to Setup a Virtual Directory in IIS

Which browser does this work in ?

The animations themselves work in all browsers that are officially supported.

For the Tabs look that  is present on each page is my own implementation using JavaScript that works only in IE ( I use DIVS  :-) ).

In case you see that you cant navigate in between the tabs on the demo pages , fire up visual Studio 2005 and you should be able to see

the source code right there.

So , Download it and go crazy !!!