Some Useful Links from the ASP.NET Ajax Forums

Hi ,

Over the past couple of months, I have been actively contributing to the Ajax forums and have come across some very

 weird and challenging problems to solve.Anyone who's been at the forums can tell, the community is VERY Active and helpful when it comes to helping

out your fellow developer . Below is a list of some FAQs that I often encountered and was able to address on the  Forums .

Helping someone out with a brain-bender they are stuck on and seeing the issue resolved after some brainstorming is VERY satisfying.

Why am I doing this ?

There is a lot of content on the Forums and I wanna share what I learnt and was able to share with my fellow devs.

Also, I could have blogged about this but felt that its better to point you guys to the place where we learnt about this .

You might find some content duplicated from my Blog , as far as possible I have tried to avoid that and give you guys the unique ones that I have seen.

  1. Tough ModalPopup Extender Question ( My Favorite )
  2. Assigning Multiple Triggers to an AnimationExtender
  3. Execute JavaScript on the client Side Before Showing a ModalPopup
  4. Expand Accordion Pane WITHOUT clicking the header
  5. Animate an Element's Property in JavaScript
  6. Using client side calculated sizes for the Resize animation
  7. Prevent repeat animation (animationextender) / ConditionalAnimation
  8. How do I use Animation without server-side controls? (mission impossible??)
  9. Hyperlink to a page with Accordion and opening a specific pane
  10. Change visible Accordion Pane using JavaScript
  11. Combine Animate and Modal dialog functionality
  12. Create ModalPopupExtender control dynamically client side


As time goes by , I will be putting up another list of issues that I helped on ,

these are the unique ( sort-of ) ones that I could find out of all the ones that I answered .

If you are not a part of the Forums , get yourself an account and start helping out !

Hope this helps someone out there !