Why InfoPath?

Okay, I'm going to try a different approach on the "why do I care about InfoPath?" issue.

 I recorded a short screencast and posted it to Channel9: https://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=343092 

 In the screencast, I walk through setting up an InfoPath form to connect to a database, and show how the idea is to free up developers from having to write form after form after form...

 I'd like feedback on if this approach helps, and if you'd like to see more screencasts.

For those who are wondering, the last year has been a bit, um, "interesting." I transferred out of my Office Developer role and over to the BI group, was in the BI group when we acquired ProClarity, lived through PerformancePoint's growing pains, and just three months ago transferred again to the Lockheed Martin account team. So - bumpy roads all around.

I'm going to broaden the focus of the blog here a bit (but Philo, how can it be any broader than "haven't posted anything"?) well... I'm going to start covering Business Intelligence as well, but keep a solution-oriented focus including SharePoint and InfoPath.

We'll see how it goes.