Upcoming Webcasts - January, 2008

Live Webcast: Windows HPC Server 2008 Scheduler — New and Improved Features

January 15, 2008, Two Session (AM or PM)

Look-- no slides, just kick the tires!Want to find out what's new in Windows HPC Server 2008 and what exactly is "High Productivity Computing"?Join us for an exciting look into Windows HPC Server 2008. We'll take you on a tour of this new version of Windows Compute Cluster Server, highlighting the major advancements in deployment, management , interoperability and scheduling. We promise no slides and tons of live demonstrations plus a lively discussion on how Windows HPC Server 20008 will increase your cluster administrators' productivity.
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Live Webcast: Turbo-Charging Time Critical Applications with ASPEED Software and HPC on Windows Platform

January 23, 2008, 8:30am

Learn how ASPEED Software, combined with Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, turbo charges your computationally intensive and I/O intensive single-and multi-threaded applications without having to alter their design or business logic. ASPEED enables you to quickly and easily "virtualize" your applications to run in parallel and seamlessly scale when running on dual-core, quad-core, cluster and grid configurations.Whether you are an ISV, an in-house application developer, an integrator or you write your own programs find out how you can speed up your time sensitive applications, function libraries and Excel VBA and C/C++ UDFs using ASPEED and WCCS
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Live Webcast: Maximizing Cluster Performance and Productivity with InfiniBand and Windows HPC Server

January 24, 2008, 11:00am