Web Platform Installer 2.0: Web Platform for Windows 7

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Now I’ll use the Web PI on my Windows 7 machine and I’ll show the options available.

You can start from main screen and select the “Web Platform” tab:


Here you can see these sections: Web Server, Framework and Runtimes, Database and Tools. If I click customize you see products/components you can install. If you expand clicking on customize you see the details, with a little info icon. If you click the little info icon you’ll see more info on the component to install.

Installing components from Web Server

If you look into the options for IIS 7.x web Server you can see a lot of functionalities that you can install. I’ve already installed ASP.NET module that I use for ASP.NET apps, the CGI that install the FastCGI module and that I use for PHP apps. IIS 7 is a modular web server and you can decide which module to install based on your needed. One of my preferred module is the URL Rewriter, version 1.1. You can use to build rules to implement nice URL  for users and for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use Regular expression, pattern matching, Wildcard pattern matching or rewrite maps.

You can see a ton of features available for IIS 7.5:


Now I can proceed with the installation, before I need to check the software I decide to install and related dependencies.


One of the component I’d like to install is the URL Rewriter 2.0 Beta, that it’s very attractive because it supports outbound rules: that can fix links on the fly in a response from the server.   Because is a Beta I don’t see in this section, so I go to the “What’s new Tab” and I can see the “Beta Extensions” where I can found the URL Rewriter 2.0 Beta.


Because the URL Rewriter 1.1 and the URL Rewriter 2.0 beta can’t run on the same machine, if I select the check box I receive a warning message.


So I need to uninstall version 1.1 from Control Panel and install the version 2.0 beta from Web PI.

Installing components from Database

In this section you can find the same components you can find for Windows XP, plus the SQL Server driver 1.0 for PHP, a native extension for PHP apps,that you can install on Windows 7, as see below:


Installing components from Framework and Runtimes, Tools

These two sections are basically the same as we saw on Window XP, and you can refer two the previous blog for details.

Next step, installing some application from the galley … stay tuned.