Silverlight.js available on MSDN Code Gallery

Silverlight.js is now available for download on MSDN Code Gallery via Silverlight 1.0 and Silverlight 2 Web sites can use this updated file to add support for Firefox 3 and to enable new features such as an automatic browser refresh when Silverlight installation is complete.

Since this latest version of Silverlight.js introduced a number of breaking changes, you will want to review the readme for tips and workarounds.

We also released a Sivlerlight.js add-on file for Web sites that want to determine if the user's browser is supported by Silverlight. This file brings back the Silverlight.supportedUserAgent functionality that was present in the 1.0 version of Silverlight.js. Since user agent identification is very fragile, you should only use this file if you want to verify that a user agent explicitly identifies itself as a supported platform per the Silverlight System Requirements page. This add-on file is called Silverlight.supportedUserAgent.js and can be obtained from