Posterous is shutting down on 30th April. Use these click-by-click instructions to move your Posterous Blog to your own private Wordpress web site.

Posterous was bought by Twitter on the 12th March last year and is about to be shut down on the 30th April this year.

If you have a blog on Posterous Spaces, you have until the 30th April to move it. After that date, your content will be gone and it will no longer be possible to get hold of it.

If you only do one thing between now and the 30th April – use the Posterous backup facility to create a zip file with all your blog posts in it. You can then use tools at a later date to import that blog.

But maybe this is exactly one of those compelling events that forces you to eventually act; to get on and do the thing you’ve been meaning to do for over 12 months: move your blog to a private website, running the Wordpress blogging engine.

That’s exactly what this click-by-click video shows you, using a Wordpress blog on a Windows Azure website – one you can easily scale out and back using the scale slider. Watch the video for exact instructions on how to set up the Wordpress website and then import your Posterous blog in to it.

More info at which has been set up to help with this challenge.