Running an illegal website? Use the cloud to check it…

John Mannix from Governor Technology talks about, a service that used crowd-sourcing to farm cookies from volunteers who installed an agent on their machines and provided later analysis and gave advice on whether a particular site's cookies existed within the limitation of the EU directive that came in to force on the 27th May 2011 (and that will be enforced in May 2012).

An interesting discussion on how they architected to use Azure features so they could easily scale up/down depending on the number of cookies that were harvested.

They didn’t know how many cookies they were going to be receiving – anything from 10 cookies to 10 trillion. But they knew they needed an answer to the possibility that literally anything could happen, hence they chose Windows Azure to host the service and were able to scale up and down as cookies were collected.

Planky – GBR-257