Video: Explanation of Pop-up Labs in the Cloud

Devs, IT Pros, Architects, Marketeers, Salespeople, Business-oriented people – they are all rapidly becoming part of the pop-up lab phenomenon.

Until now it was very difficult for private individuals with an interest (whether casual or professional) in large-scale IT, to build large IT labs – the capital expenditure was too large. Attempts through the use of hosting were always expensive because of the commercial model of hosters where you have to take out a commitment for say 12, 24 or 36 months and you have to pay the server rate whether your server was doing anything useful for you or not.

The Cloud, and specifically the Windows Azure Cloud has democratised access to large-scale IT. Now, pretty much anybody can build a large lab and in most cases, through carefully managing deployment within their subscription, they can do it for free.

All these groups of people are building fully-functional, full size labs to teach themselves, run training courses, create exact replicas of their clients’ environments, build massive test environments that ar exact copies of the production environments. They are using their homes, their offices, their clients’ offices, their laptops, tablets and phones to access these environments. Suddenly the small company offering consulting services can now compete with huge multi-national SIs because they are now empowered to build IT environments that are just as big. They can efficiently pop them up and pop them back down again.

This cartoon-video explains the processes and the tricks you need to do in your free subscription.

Pop up labs in the cloud.