Windows Azure using CNAME DNS records for multiple sites and SSL

In the past 3 weeks I seem to have had to answer this question more than any other. I’m not sure why the past few weeks should have had to have this one popping up so much but there you have it.

I thought I’d create a little “whiteboard video” to describe the process, what entries you have to make where in the service model and what modifications you have to make to your DNS if you want say the default site to be a little more like

Also, if you have multiple sites hosted on your web role, how do you use host header support to give each site a more meaningful name. So that you type: or

rather than the rather ugly: or

Also, how do you set up SSL bindings to these sites so they bind to the correct address in Windows Azure…

Here’s the video:

Hope it works for you.


Planky – GBR-257