Actualización de Binarios de ADK y USMT para añadir fixes el día 21 de Octubre


Ayer se actualizaron los binarios de ADK 8.1 para añadir varios fixes que se han creado estos últimos días, si instalaste la versión que se publicó el día 18 seguramente te resulte interesante actualizarla.

Si instalaste ConfigMgr también sería conveniente actualizar los binarios de USMT, ya que algunos fixes son para este componente:

Los detalles están publicados en:

From the article the following issues have been fixed in the current release [Oct 18th] of Windows® Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK):

  • Fixed an issue with USMT where during a hardlink migration, error codes 26 and 72 occur when the migration fails with not enough storage space.
  • Fixed an issue with WIMGAPI where in a small number of cases, image capture fails with not enough storage space.
  • Fixed an issue with the Connected Standby Energy Efficiency assessment where the assessment fails to complete analysis on Windows RT devices.
  • Fixed an issue in the Internet Explorer Startup Performance assessment where the startup duration was incorrectly reported on Windows 8.1 devices.
  • Fixed an issue where assessment results would not load when two or more recorded processes have the same name but different casing.

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