It keeps on getting better – Hortonworks highlights native Windows support for Apache Hadoop

Any time you can open up a platform to more options for interoperability, it’s a great thing. It’s even better if the platform is as popular as Apache Hadoop and the new option is one that has been accepted as a popular choice. And earlier today, HortonWorks announced another interoperability achievement for the Apache Hadoop project on their blog by highlighting how Hadoop now runs natively on Microsoft Windows platforms:

“One of the things we believe strongly in here at Hortonworks is community driven open source and, obviously, the bigger the community, the better. The community opens itself up to new members by the developmental choices it makes and last week the Apache Hadoop community voted to significantly expand itself by agreeing to accept enhancements into the core trunk that make Apache Hadoop run natively on the Microsoft Windows platforms including Windows Server and Windows Azure. These enhancements were the result of many, many months of joint engineering work from Microsoft and Hortonworks and we are glad to see the community accept and embrace them. So far, as is common in the Apache Hadoop project, we developed these in a development branch for over a year and once this work was complete, the community voted to incorporate these changes into the mainline trunk.”

We at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., want to congratulate the teams at the Apache Software Foundation, HortonWorks and Microsoft Corporation that made this happen! We’re excited to see where native support for Apache Hadoop on Windows Server and Windows Azure will take the community.