Scripting Tips & Tricks: The PowerShell Script Analyzer Module

I love this new module. It makes adhering to scripting recommended practices an absolute doddle.

And there's no need to go and download it from a repository as it comes bundled with v5!


Unleash the Beast

Let's have a look at the cmdlets that  come with the psscriptanalyzer module:


Now, run Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer against one of my more popular scripts:


Seems I need replace my Write-Host statement with Write-Output!


Now, let's have a look at the rules used to analyse scripts:


Notice we have DSC rules here, too. Here's a snippet of the standard cmdlet output:


Here, we have Severity and Source. We also have a very useful Description property.

Finally, to get the latest version of the module run Update-Module with psscriptanalyzer supplied to the name parameter, as Administrator.

Update-Module -Name PsScriptAnalyzer