DPack 2.2.0 - Global Bookmarks, Improved Code Browsing, Code Stats, etc


My buddy Sergey has released a new update to DPack .

Here’s what’s new and changed in this release:

  • Added global bookmarks option to Numbered Bookmarks feature. Global bookmarks work on the whole solution as oppose to individual files, and allow one to quickly navigate from file to file.
  • Updated bookmarks icons to make it easier identify bookmark numbers.
  • Modified Code Browser to no longer treat code model related errors as fatal ones. Previously Code Browser would close its dialog if it failed to retrieve file’s code model. Now it would display an error in the dialog’s status bar and empty members list without actually closing the dialog. This should allow one to bypass the troublesome file and move onto another file.
  • Added “Properties Only” menu item to Code Browser’s Tools main menu. New command is accessible via Shift-Alt-P keyboard shortcut.
  • Various Code Browser usability improvements.
  • Added “Files to ignore” configuration option for Solution Backup feature.
  • Assigned “Ctrl-K, ?” shortcuts to all Surround With commands.

It also comes with July VS 2005 CTP support!