[Universal Windows App] - CalendarView Customization

The Universal Windows Platform introduces a new calendar control named “CalendarView”, but the default customization is very limited, to achieve some deep customization, you may consider overriding the default system styles.

In this blog, we will try to customize the UI to make it looks like the calendar in Calendar App.

 “Default CalendarView” vs. “calendar in Calendar App”

Frist, let’s start from the background color


It looks better, but the font size still does not match, change the font size to 11.


The font size was changed, but, the size of the item is still not changed, it is because in the definition of default style for CalendarViewDayItem, the MinWidth and MinHeight is set to 40. So, let’s override the default setting.

Looks better, but there are some borders, to hide them, set margin to 0.