Ask Me!

If you are here you already know atleast something about me, but just to set the expectations right; i am a Support Engineer in "Visual Studio Office Developer" team.

Our goal is to provide developer technical support and resolve customer issues involving automation, extensibility, integration and development with the Microsoft Office family of products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, MapPoint, Project and Publisher using Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET (VB, C#, C/C++/ATL, MFC, ASP/Scripting), InfoPath and Visual Studio Tools for Office.

If you want to ask me any questions that relates to anything i deal with please feel free to post your query here(offcourse as a comment), I will try my best to resolve it but again..i have a job to do, so i may not me able to resolve your query, either because it may require too much of research/troubleshooting or i am too busy to resolve it, in that case i will update you about the status and will suggest you if you need to open a ticket with us and your ticket will be assigned to appropriate resource (please !!! while opening the ticket don't say that you only want to work with me! i can not handle all the cases !!!  )