Being In Microsoft - 1

People keep on asking me how it feels being in Microsoft . Actually it's hard to explain because my limited vocabulary doesn't have so many good words tom match my feelings ! but the good thing is I always have a pack of incidents which explain why I am proud being a part of Microsoft.

Let wander through history, don’t let me scare you I am not talking about history of mankind or history of universe, I am talking about history of a small micron in the universe and that’s me..

My First Love With Microsoft

This begun back in '99 exactly around the time when Jana Carter joined Microsoft (I will tell how Jana came in my mind latter in this article in the next article ). I must admit that it had nothing to do with actually the company, but it had to do with idea.. it was the time when people started to talk about .NET and comparing .NET to Java, and ofcourse everybody on earth likes to predict things based on their opinion, I found out whenever anybody said anything bad about .NET I was not able to stand ..reason unknown, I didn't even know exactly what's .NET ! strange ..isn't it ? It was at least for me. Then I started examining my thoughts like psychoanalyst would do and when I found the root cause it was actually the love for a specific language "Visual Basic 6.0".

Why I liked the language .. ? Yes , you are right.. it's simplicity. But when you carefully analyze the language you will see that almost every redundant thing was made easy and code-free, so the developer did not have to waste his / her precious time, thinking about window handles, positioning, message loop etc. and if you needed more control API was always there to your rescue.

Dream Of Being A Part Of Microsoft

When anti-piracy thing was going on in our city I happened to meet with one of the people, whose name I don't remember as per now, but he was an MS employee and somehow associated with anti-piracy. I bump into him in a coffee shop. After a round of coffee, he gave me his card and after taking that card in my hand I started imagining my name printed on that card and finally it did happen, although I did take around 6 yrs of efforts but it's worth it. I wanted to say a few things more but I personally do not like too read too big articles so I avoid posting it as well, I will be posting rest of it in an hr with the title "Being In Microsoft - 2 "