Bill Hilf Interviews Open Source Big Shots @OSCON

 I don't think these guys need any introduction but in case you are intrested ..

Matt Asay, formerly of Novell, now VP of Business Development at Alfresco and co-founder of OSCON took some time out of his busy conference schedule to sit down with Bill for an interview.  Matt, author of the AC/OS Blog (Matt Asay on OS) is a vocal … 

see full info at Bill Hilf interviews Matt Asay at OSCON 2006


While we were at OSCON this week we were fortunate enough to get some time to sit down with Tim O'Reilly.  I dare say Tim, author of the O'Reilly Radar, needs no introduction but just in case: Tim is an Open Source Software advocate as well as the Founder …

see comple info at Tim O'Reilly sits down with Bill Hilf at OSCON2006



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