Blogging With Word 2007

One of the greatest advantages of working with Microsoft is Dog-Fooding, getting the hands on the technology before it actually comes out in the market, I really enjoy that and now as I already told you Beta 2 Word 2007 now has blogging that as a new feature.

Yes, I agree it’s a beta, it still has areas of improvement, but the important point is, product team, is working interactively with the dogfooders , in fact Joe, Krista jumps almost in every mail that you send to word blogging DL (it's a special DL in which all the MS bloggers who are blogging using word are members ) and also he keeps on monitoring his previous posts on word blogging for issues and questions and gets back when / as he has a good number of questions and ofcourse answers to them. Have a look at

In general, I prefer to sit back and watch the comments come in and respond to them in future blog posts. This means that some folks have to learn a little about delayed gratification. However, no one needs to worry about missing important information that only gets mentioned in the comment stream. So, here are a few answers to issues raised by recent comments.

Once we raise an issue , we will see mails bombing from the entire team, Joe, Krista, Natalie, David, and many more in the team, if required they will actually have live meeting with you, will remote debug the issue and give you the results, its wonderfull working with people with such great commitments towards what they do.