Finally I Got A Wallop Invitation

Yeah..i was looking for it since days! well orkut is good but still i was curious to use wallop, and public thanks to Lawrence for this invitation, how did he get the invitation ? hehe he's got a contact :).  You can have a look at my wallop homepage (yes, its still almost empty but you can atleast have a look ) So, its the time for some FAQs

1) Do i have any invitations left? yes i have !
2) How many? won't tell you ..
3) Can i give it you you? Yes .. but you will need to tell me why .. :) well yes it's a competition.
4) Do i want anything in exchange? NO ..
5) What are the other ways of getting invitation? send a mail to

6) Please submit your invitation requests to the comments ..i got one using the contact form i am updating it in the comments
7) If you own a blog just ..don't need to add comments post on your blog  just give me a trackback

UPDATE: As per the current status, one person from the comments below is getting the invitation.. i still have many invitations left ..keep your comments and trackbacks and referals comming can recomment if you have something else to tell ..(WHY DO YOU NEED IT ??)