I wanna develop/deploy an addin but what on earth is load behaviour ..!!

Yes, again the same stuff. maybe its blogged many times but still there is some air of mystery going around it, I noticed this when I saw too many posts on this topic and also noticed that whenever I talk about load behavior with my customers I generally get a response similar to “Wow..good thing to know..!”

So let’s discuss about a few registry entries just to demystify the air:

whenever you create a COM addin for a particular office application other then standard COM entries (guid, progid etc.) some more entries are added in the registry which helps office understand that what to do with that particular entry.

To take an example let’s suppose i install an addin for Excel named MicrosoftSupport.Connect


 This will be registered under “\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\MicrosoftSupport.Connect”, it may be in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, or HKEY_CURRENT_USER depending upon how it is installed (for all users or for a particular user), now let’s see what’s inside…



Here comes our friend LoadBehaviour here  the add-in should specify its desired load behavior using a DWORD value called "LoadBehavior." This value determines how the add-in is loaded by the host application, and is made up of a combination of the following values: 

0 = Disconnect - Is not loaded.
1 = Connected - Is loaded.
2 = Bootload - Load on application Startup.
8 = DemandLoad - Load only when requested by user.
16 = ConnectFirstTime - Load only once (on next startup).

The typical value specified is 0x03 (Connected | Bootload).

for more details have a look at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/238228/ 

So what are you waiting for…..enjoy deploying addins..!!

Just for the records..this is my first blogjet entry…