Mails that I really, really don't want to receive - 1

I held of this post for a few weeks, but now - I am sooo pissed off that I really need to yell.

I mean.. it's a bit too much, how come in every few months a new somebody can discover the same thing.

I did keep my cool for a few years - but yesterday when somebody whom I know very well (and he *is* a techie, moreover a VC++ guy) sent me this email, it was the end of my patience.

ok..I'll stop ranting. Here is the email I am talking about -


An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the
Computer which can be named as "CON". This is something pretty Cool...and
Unbelievable.... At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this


NO guys, it's a pure unadulterated crap - I mean, well ..yes you can't create a folder with a name "con" (unless you really want to do something like "md \\?\C:\con" ), but just because they are reserved words  (check the naming conventions )- they are device names !

you can get a complete list here

hoax layer also mentions about this email hoax 

Talking about devices - Here are a few things that you can experiment with (and tell me the results, this is a test for you!)

1) what *exactly* copy con abc.txt will do ? (hint: is it a command ?)

2) what *exactly* copy D:\*.* nul will do ?

3) what *exactly* copy abc.txt prn will do ?


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