More about Duet .. Just In Case You Don't Know !

Duet™ for Microsoft® Office and SAP®, Version 1.0 (Duet) provides a development platform for the integration of SAP applications with Microsoft Office. The architecture enables a tight coupling between the Microsoft Office user experience and SAP backend line-of-business systems.

Duet is a collaborative effort between Microsoft and SAP. The client framework components are developed and documented by Microsoft, the server framework components are jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft, and the business applications are developed and documented by SAP.

Duet is available as a set of software components and business applications for installation on both client and server computers. These components are provided in part by Microsoft, and in part by SAP.

Duet consists of the following installable components:

· Duet client components (SAP and Microsoft)

· Duet server components (SAP and Microsoft)

· Duet server SAP add-on components (SAP)

· Duet Add-In business applications for Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 (Time Management, Leave Management, Budget Monitoring, and Organization Management)

You can obtain the Microsoft components from Microsoft Corporation, and the SAP components from SAP. Installable components, plus documentation, are provided as downloadable files at the following Web sites:

· Microsoft components and documentation:

· SAP Server components and documentation: navigate through SAP xApps > Duet > Duet 1.0).

· SAP Application Help files: navigate through Documentation > SAP xApps > Duet).