Refactor! for Visual Basic 2005

Simplify Your Visual Basic Code

More and more developers are recognizing that simple, easy-to-read code is the key to application flexibility and easy maintenance. Managers are realizing that easy maintenance means low cost maintenance. If you know in your heart that parts of your code base could be better, but uncertainty about maintenance cost or concerns over breaking code have kept you from cleaning up your house, then Refactor! is for you. Refactor vaporizes barriers to code simplification, dramatically reducing the cost traditionally associated with improving, simplifying, and refactoring existing code.

  •                   To perform an extract method, just select the block of code you want to extract, and press the Refactor Key.
  •                   To reorder parameters, place the cursor on the type of the parameter and press the Refactor Key.
  •                   To create a method overload, place the cursor at the start of the method declaration and press the Refactor Key.
  •                   To reverse a conditional or replace a nested conditional with a guard clause, place the cursor on the "if" keyword and press the Refactor Key.

No other code simplification and refactoring tool is able to provide so much functionality with just one key. Refactor is the only refactoring and code simplification tool with one-key refactoring.

"Refactor! takes an innovative approach to refactoring that complements the Visual Basic development style. We're excited to make their solution available to Visual Basic 2005 developers."

Rob Copeland,Visual Basic Product Unit Manager