So..the previous post continues..!!

The basic problem here was, one of our customers was trying to sign an infopath form without using the wizard using the article but he was not able to get it work..we tried it at our end but unfortunately !! We were also unable to make it work..!!!!! siddharth & Sheetal(almost the princess of IP ;) ) worked really hard on this..then we looped in or EE...Joel.. THE Uncrowned King of IP, he was also unable to make it work...!!! at this point we were damm sure that the sample needs modification, after a few mail-ins and mail outs with the article writer we came to know that .NET signature is incompatible with InfoPath and The easiest way to work around this is to use MSXML digital signatures outside InfoPath.

As the customer needed it urgently..and couldn't wait for the article to get updated we(read joel ;)) modified the sample and redesigned the code to use MSXML to sign the document instead, it worked beautifully.. I am attaching the sample with the article feel free to download - modify and use it.