This was a busy week, sorry if you are still waiting for my response

This was a very busy week, because of the obvious reasons. End of the financial year! So the performance of this year is being discussed.

I worked in many companies before, but everything @ Microsoft is so transparent that I love to work here.

Ok, I know.. I discussed it before.

I just wanted to let you know that this week I got many emails from the people seeking for help, but unfortunately I couldn't reply anybody. So, if you are still waiting for my reply.. I am sorry for not replying and sorry again I don't think I would be able to reply this week.

One more important thing is; I wanted to reiterate please don't send me production code! Setting the ground rules (again): I've got many emails with the code that looks like production code and I had to reply them back telling them not to send me production code, unless you open a support ticket with us [then all the NDA stuff comes into picture].

 As I told you before, everything you send me might be blogged because I want my complete reader community to get the benefit.


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