Update on my mood and email: tired but still able to blog and sing songs for live writer

OK, jokes apart this  ..

I just wanted to inform you all that I am still catching up on my blog emails and I have already responded 10-15 emails this week, so if you're still waiting for me to reply, I think you should be getting my email in this week.

Hey I am sure I told you that I  blog using windows live writer. Did you try that ? you have try it out at http://writer.live.com . I really really thing that this is one of the super super cool apps that i've seen till date.

It has all the qualities of a great blogging app:

  • Generates thin HTML (don't nitpick, you know what I mean by that)
  • Small footprint
  • Great API support
  • Plugin support

and I can go on and on .. but  its really good ! take my word for it. Oh, before I forget also have a look at Windows Live Writer Blog


In one of my previous posts somebody asked me something about Live Writer, I will explain about it in the next post .. :) (yeah I know this is an old strategy but it still works )


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