VSTO 'v3' CTP Released !!!

Today when i came to office and visited Andrew’s blog ...got a cool news.. in his words


Bill Gates announced the first VSTO CTP release at the Office Developer Conference this week. This build of VS is based on the Whidbey (VS 2005) release, and built against Office 2007 beta1 Tech Refresh. In order to get this CTP, you need to have the Office 2007 beta1 TR. Only customers currently registered with the Office 2007 beta 1 program (including the Office DevCon attendees) are able to install this CTP. If you're not on this program, you'll have to wait for a later CTP release which will be available to the general public.


You know what? It seems to me that VSTO team has done some extensive plumbing work so that the new VSTO runtime is more strengthened. They have also added support for application level add-ins for other Office programs. There is also a support for application level custom panes, ribbon (no designer yet) and custom form regions for Outlook. Object model for Outlook is enhanced - the existing APIs are unified. Primary customization technology are still add-ins and from regions. Some new events are also added which will make your life easier (customization of context menu on items, folders, views, attachments).

wanna download it .. its here ..with a biggy readme ;) there are also some good CTP tutorials which you may want to have a look at.. and ofcourse as you expected you will definitely get some great info(in fact videos) on this in your favorite vsto blog