List Template types and IDs in SharePoint

To identify the template Id of the list, navigate to the list and go to the 'All Items' view. In the browser, go to 'View - Source' and search for “ctx.listTemplate”. The ‘Pages’ Library will show – “ctx.listTemplate = 850” and the ‘Images’ library will show “ctx.listTemplate = 101”.

For other template types, you will need to look up the list ID. You can use the following PowerShell method to retrieve the information about the lists within the site

 # Retrieve list templates and IDs
 $SPWeb = Get-SPWeb "http://URLtotheSite"
 $SPWeb.ListTemplates | Select Name, type, type_client, Description

Additionally, you can use the following SQL query to enumerate all the template IDs that are used in your site collection

 -- Enumerate all the IDs that are used in your site collection
 SELECT tp_Title as Title, tp_BaseType, tp_ServerTemplate as templateID, tp_Description as Description   
 FROM AllLists (nolock)     
 ORDER BY TemplateID, Title

The information is available in the spreadsheet at the end of this post.

List Types and TemplateIDs__Shpt.xlsx