Potential Issues with KB 931125


The KB 931125 package that was posted to Windows Update and WSUS on December 11, 2012, was intended only for client SKUs. However, the package was also offered for server SKUs. Because some customers reported issues after they installed the package on servers, the KB 931125 updates for server SKUs were expired from Windows Update and WSUS. We recommend that you sync your WSUS server and approve the expiry.

Symptoms include:

  • Clients cannot login to Wireless networks that use IAS or NPS to authenticate users
  • VPN users cannot connect to Microsoft VPN servers or VPN servers that authenticate to IAS or NPS servers
  • Kerberos login failures
  • Exchange or Lync server problems with TLS
  • You may see symptoms described in KB 933430 or 2464556

If you have already applied the update on a server and are encountering issues, you should use the Fix It solution in the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

2801679 -  SSL/TLS communication problems after you install KB 931125