Testing AADConnect Part 1 - Where can I start?

OK to set the tone for this series, I have got a request asking how to test/lab AAD Connect and ADFS

Where to start? What to do? 

So I am writing this post for anyone who wants to set up their own Lab to test and install AAD Connect, probably later we can visit ADFS.

Things we need to start

Computer with Internet connectivity (I know, I know… )

Hardware and OS having the capability to run Hyper V. I have windows 2012 installed

Commitment (yes that is important)

In this post, we will talk very briefly about installing the Hyper-V role. If you have already done this and aware of how to do this you can skip this part.

Open Sever Manger > Add Roles and Features


Select the Role-based or Feature-based installation


Select the Sever being displayed.


Now select Hyper-V and hit next and complete installation. The server will reboot.


Note: The above screenshots showing as "Installed" as I had already installed in my computer to test another machine.

In Part 2 we will see about creating Virtual machines and installing Active Directory Domain Services in it

Praveen Kumar E