Mobility Practice team.

I’ve received a few emails lately asking which group at Microsoft I am working for so I decided to put out some information here and do some shameless plug. J


I am a part of the Global Mobility Practice team (which is a part of the Microsoft Consulting Services). Our team is focused on building large-scale mobile applications and services for enterprises as well as mobile operators. It is a tight team of top notch professionals in the area of Mobile application architecture and infrastructure. We have people like Rob and others who worked in the industry a very long time. With a direct connection with the WM and CE product groups I think we can provide the best help to the companies with their enterprise mobility projects. We can help to design and build the mobile systems from the ground up or make sure that it harmonically integrates into existing enterprise infrastructure. We also assist in troubleshooting and performance tuning for the existing systems. So if your company is in need of this kind of help you can send me an email to alex.yakhnin([AT])

Oh… and we are “Global” which means that we can help you regardless of the country that you live in.