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I hope you are ready for this, the next installment of my Building Clouds Blog Video Demonstration Series!Building Clouds Blog

As this is a series of “behind the scenes” demonstrations for the automation portions of “SCDemo Cloud” offering, this post and video is a long time in the making. And while we have had the infrastructure setup and working in production for quite a while now, it was only recently I had the opportunity to map out and record demonstrations of each of the main parts of the automation behind “SCDemo Cloud”.

Useful TimestampsCloud and Datacenter Solutions Hub

The video has a duration of 00:46:05. Here are some useful timestamps to help you navigate to the portions that interest you the most:

00:00:00 - Intro Slides
00:01:04 - Part 1 – Orchestrating Public, Private & Hosted Cloud Provisioning Introduction 00:01:33 - Part 1 - Demo Setup, Background, and Introduction 00:02:47 - Part 1 - Section 1 - Provision Private Cloud Resources via User Role Management 00:06:21 - Part 1 - Section 2 - Provision Public and Hosted Cloud Resources via User Role Management 00:10:15 - Part 1 - Section 3 - Automatically Deprovision all Cloud Resources (Private, Public and Hosted)
00:17:56 - Part 2 - Orchestrating Service Templates Introduction 00:18:15 - Part 2 - Section 1 - Automated Removal of a Service Template Deployed Service 00:22:40 - Part 2 - Section 2 - Automated Deployment of a Service Template Deployed Service 00:28:52 - Part 2 - Section 3 - Automated Servicing of a Service Template Deployed Service
00:34:44 - Part 3 - Orchestrating Private Cloud Life-Cycle Introduction 00:35:09 - Part 3 - Section 1 - Automated Deployment of Clouds, Services and Virtual Machines 00:41:41 - Part 3 - Section 2 - Automated Deprovision of Clouds, Services and Virtual Machines
00:45:43 – Summary

NOTE: If you view the video directly from YouTube, the timestamps in the notes for the video are actual hyperlinks

Video Demonstration!

For more information about the SCDemo Cloud offering, be sure to watch for blog posts in the SCDemo Cloud Track, right here on the Building Clouds Blog! And, as always, be sure to check back often for new posts in the Automation Track!


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