Automation–Orchestrator Integration Pack for MSSQL Tasks


Back again…this time with another “oldie but goodie tool”. I found that the format I used for my previous post worked well for refreshing this kind of content, so I will stick with that moving forward.

So, here we go, the second “real” post after my introduction…and this post and its associated deliverable is dedicated to the:

Orchestrator Integration Pack for MSSQL Tasks 1.1


For this Integration Pack, it came down to making tedious, unsupported and/or neato tasks possible. Opalis Integration Server (and now Orchestrator) shipped with a couple SQL specific activities. The one that I used to use exclusively was “Query Database” – which as you know, does so much more than just query a database. It basically can execute any SQL command you throw at it (within reason).

For me, this just was not enough.

[the tedious] I wanted an activity that could execute a number of .sql scripts - in sequence. You know, like a set of SQL table/view/stored procedure deployments.

[the unsupported, and truth be told, kind of neato] I wanted a set of activities that could get and set the “Variables” that are configured within Opalis Integration Server (and now Orchestrator).

[the neato] I wanted an activity that could take SQL Table data and convert it to XML data.

So create activities to satisfy these requirements is what I did.

Fun Fact: As of the publication of this post, the Orchestrator Integration Pack for MSSQL Tasks 1.1 and its documentation have been downloaded 2089 times from its previous home on CodePlex.

Relevance Today

Let’s take a look at the available activities within this Integration Pack:

  • Test MSSQL Connection
  • Deploy MSSQL Scripts
  • Get Variable Info
  • Update Variable Value
  • Generate XML from MSSQL

Sure, much of this could be done via the built-in “Query Database” activity, but these wrap things up and offer an overarching global connection capability.


Please refer to the available and included User Guide for configuration instructions, example usage and troubleshooting notes.


Click here for the TechNet Gallery Contribution for this Integration Pack!