Building Clouds–An Introduction to the Automation Track

Hello Readers and Viewers!

Some of you may recognize me from this blog - well, today I am here to (re)introduce myself and my content with a new “SP1” feel.

That is correct - with the recent release of System Center 2012 SP1, I thought I would provide a re-introduction of who I am, what I do, and what is still relevant from my old blog, ready for immediate re-use for the latest releases from Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1!

With that, let’s get right to it –

Who Am I? What do I do?

My name is Charles Joy (@OrchestratorGuy). I am best known for my Blog D’Joy and “8-Minute Demos” on YouTube. I work for Microsoft in the Windows Server and System Center group. I am part of the Technical Enablement and Delivery (TED) Team – the owners of this brand new “Building Clouds” blog. As a Sr. Program Manager on this team and in this group I am tasked with various projects, but my primary focus is on Service Delivery and Automation. This is likely due to the fact that I came from Opalis Software, Inc.  - oh so many years ago (or so it seems!). Coming across with that acquisition to Microsoft was an amazing experience. In fact, I made many of my technical learnings and growth public here on TechNet, so that everyone could be a part of the journey from Opalis to Orchestrator!

What is still relevant?

With that in mind, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to refresh, reblog and renew some of the old posts from my Blog D’Joy here, on the Building Clouds blog. So, over the next few weeks you will see my return to the blogging scene. At first, it will be simply refreshing what I have already published in the context of current products and releases – Then, once I have caught everyone back up (including myself), I will be releasing some never before seen Blog D’Joy type content, here, for you Building Clouds blog fans!

Here is the list of my planned and upcoming topics:

  • (Refresh Content) From CodePlex To TechNet Gallery – New home for my Integration Packs and Runbook Examples
    • Text Manipulation Integration Pack
    • MSSQL Tasks Integration Pack
    • Windows Tasks Integration Pack
    • PowerShell Script Execution Integration Pack
    • Standard Logging Integration Pack
    • Operations Manager Extensibility Kit
    • System Center 2012 SP1 Solution Runbook Examples
  • New Content for a new year!
    • Example Runbooks for the Windows Azure Integration Pack
    • Example Runbooks for DR / Recover Protected Resources – featuring:
      • Example Runbooks for Hyper-V Replica
      • Example Runbooks for System Center 2012 DPM
      • Example Runbooks for Windows Azure
    • Example Runbooks for the “SCDemo Cloud” Demo Environment (or, “The Setup, Management and Continued Support of a 100+ OnPrem Cloud Environment with System Center Orchestrator”)

Stay tuned!