Cloud is Not Virtualization

imageIf you’ve had a chance to read some of the articles on this blog and the information at the current Microsoft Private Cloud site over at, you’ll know that cloud computing, including private cloud, is much more than just virtualization or a virtualized data center. While virtualization is an enabling technology for cloud (and some might argue that it’s required, although you can build a cloud with blade servers, for example), it does not define cloud. Remember, in order to have a cloud solution, the solution needs to include the following characteristics:image

  • Self-service
  • Enable broad network access
  • Use pooled resources
  • Elasticity
  • Service metering

You can find details on these characteristics of private cloud in the NIST definition of cloud computing over at:

Note that the definition of cloud computing will likely evolve over time, but this is one of the best working definitions we have right now.

However, if the NIST paper doesn’t convince you, then you should check out what Tad, from VMlimited, has to say about cloud computing over at the VMlimited web site .




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