Introduction to Cloud Computing by Tom Shinder

imageHi Microsoft Private Cloud fans! Hope you had a good weekend and that you’re ready to start your week with a nice dose of Private Cloud. This week we’ll start off by serving up a presentation I did on Private Cloud for the Microsoft MVPs.

This presentation, Introduction to Private Cloud, goes over the basic concepts that define cloud computing and discusses what the differences are between Private Cloud and a virtualized data center. In the second half of the presentation I talk a little about how Microsoft builds on the concepts, principles and patterns of cloud computing to create a Microsoft Private Cloud.


At this time I’ll post this as a downloadable .wmv file, which is contained in the .zip file you see at the bottom of this post. When I get the presentation posted to the TechNet Edge site, I’ll embed the presentation into this blog post. Note that while the presentation says “Microsoft Confidential”, all the content in the presentation is already in the public domain and you’re welcome to share what you learn and the presentation itself with anyone you like.

Also, if you would like a copy of the presentation so that you can deliver your own talks on cloud computing, let me know! Just send a note to me using the address in my sig line and I’ll get you a copy.

You can download the presentation HERE.



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