Introduction to Infrastructure as a Service by Bill Loffler

imagePrivate Cloud is all about being a service provider and one of the core services you’ll want to provide is Infrastructure as a Service (commonly known as IaaS). Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS is the industry term used to describe the capability to provide computing infrastructure resources in a well-defined manner, similar to what is seen with public utilities.

These resources include server resources that provide compute capability, network resources


that provide communications capability between server resources and the outside world, and storage capability that provides persistent data storage. Each of these capabilities has unique characteristics that influence the class of service that each capability can provide.

imageIf you would like to learn more about Infrastructure as a Service, then let me recommend a presentation that my esteemed colleague, Bill Loeffler (pictured on the left), gave to our MVPs a few weeks ago.

Bill provides an excellent overview of the architectural components of private cloud and draws a clear line between how business is done in a traditional data center and how private cloud changes the way we think about service delivery.

To download Bill’s webcast, click HERE.

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After this presentation whets your appetite, follow up on what you learned by checking out two excellent articles on IaaS:


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