MAT 1.3.1 Update

train repairs


Just a quick post to let everyone know that MAT 1.3.1 has been posted. Every now and then we need to bring the train back into the station and grease up those axles. This version has a few minor changes but is mostly about getting the MAT 1.3 Installation and Usage Guide out there.

The Guide is part of the download on TechNet (still right here if you’re not paying careful attention).


This guide is 44 pages of spine-tingling documentation covering the following topics:

General Information   
Architecture Diagram   
Hardware Requirements   
Software Requirements   
Supported Configurations
Upgrade Information   
Install  SQL 2008 Express or later   
Install Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter
Install vSphere PowerCLI 5.1   
Install the MVMC Automation Toolkit
Configure MAT Settings
Install MAT on Helper Servers (Optional)
Collect VM information
List Management
Monitoring Conversions
Database Maintenance
Advanced Concepts
Additional Functions
PowerShell Parameter and Variable Reference

That’s a lot of content! How can we afford to give this away? Don’t ask me how the economy works.

I hope this document goes a long way towards helping everyone understand how the MAT works and where they can improve it.

Look forward to more posts coming up as well as version 1.4 of the MAT which should be ready next month. MAT 1.4 will continue the MAT tradition of easy conversions and it will also expose all the data about your VM configurations that we can collect from VMware. Migration Mark is confident you’ll know what to do with this data.


Keep calm and migrate,

Migration Mark